Programmes & Services


* To provide appropriate training programmes, leadership workshops, technical course/notes, handbooks, for the benefit of union members
* Represent Union members in negotiations with NEC in agriculture for fair labor practices
* To provide and facilitate the provision of technical extension, administrative support and advisory services to the union members through field days, shows and demonstrations, news letters, brochures and magazine.
* To undertake appropriate agricultural research programmes for the union and disseminate appropriate new farming technologies to the members


* To lobby for and negotiate conducive and favorable agricultural polices to benefit the members and the farmers in general.
* Organize crop production, marketing and trade training, create website and database for trade partners for the benefit of its members.
* To lobby for subsidized farming inputs programmes for its members.
* To lobby for cash and trade discounts from strategic partners for the benefit of union members
* Establish internet-based networks with market providers and lobby for and facilitate contract farming and financial package support for the farmers with strategic partners.
* Arrange, lobby and advocacy training, analyze legislation, organize lobby workshops and develop a shared lobby platform with other Farmers Unions and stake holders
* Develop mainstreaming policies, organize linkages with partner organizations and carry out awareness campaigns on environment, gender HIV and AIDS.