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How to sell your crops: Marketing

Sell everything to one place

If you have a big farm or live far away from customers, you might want to sell your crops to one place, such as a store, restaurant, food co-op. This is called wholesale marketing. Selling your crops this way is faster than other ways of selling. It is also a good choice if you are not comfortable meeting and talking to a lot of people. Wholesale marketing will probably not make you as much money as selling directly to the customer, and you may not get paid right away. But it is a simple, easy way of selling.

Selling directly to customers

If you do not have a big farm or if you are a new farmer, it is a good idea to sell your crops directly to customers. This is called direct or retail marketing. Although you can make more money and get paid faster this way, you will need more time to sell. It is a good way to sell your crops if you are a good planner, have time, and enjoy meeting and talking to people.

The farmer’s market

Many people come to the farmer’s market to buy vegetables. You can sell a lot of vegetables, so you need to bring enough vegetables to last the day. You have to plan carefully. If you want to sell your vegetables at a farmers market, look for a market that is:

  • In a busy area
  • Well known by a lot of customers
  • Clean and well managed

Here are some ideas to help make your booth a successful display:

  • Make the area around your booth attractive
  • Customers like a large display to choose from. Put as many of your vegetables out as you can while still keeping them fresh in shade. Tilt every item to give your customer a better view and make your supply look larger. But be careful to place the vegetables so that they don’t fall over when a customer takes some.
  • Put your crops up on shelves, not on the ground
  • Put each of your crops in a group to make large blocks of color. Yellow vegetables, especially, catch the customer’s eye
  • Make signs for all your crops with each name and price. Customers also like to read information about your farm.

SEED your catalyst to Productive Farming!

News 2Setting the standards in the vegetable seed industry in Southern Africa is extremely important to Charter Seeds and Starke Ayres. Of the twenty horticultural seed houses in the region, Starke Ayres has a dominant share. Quality in every aspect is of overriding importance to farmers. Starke Ayres and Charter Seeds look at every aspect of the crop. Charter Seeds supplies a comprehensive range of commonly grown vegetable seeds to the grower. Our product range includes both high quality, performance tested hybrids and open pollinated varieties. While many varieties are produced in Southern Africa, top offshore companies are also used to produce selected varieties. Starke Ayres has long realized the importance of research and development and is actively working to deliver new, improved vegetable varieties. Starke Ayres has initiated breeding programs in tomatoes, beans, squash, pumpkins, sweet corn, peppers and many more of their varieties. Using the most advanced techniques in their laboratories and ensuring they collaborate with international partners that do the same. Key objectives include improving yield potential, increasing adaptability and disease resistance, ensuring high germination and seedling vigour, creating seed that yield vegetables of the size, shape, flavour and colour that the markets demand.