The Union has four (4) classes of membership:

  •  Ordinary members
  •  Corporate members
  •  Associate members
  •  Honorary members

Ordinary Membership

Membership shall be open to all farmers in Zimbabwe, who will have paid a non-refundable joining fee and an annual subscription the rate of which shall be determined from time to time by the National Council. Such members are entitled to the full benefits of membership including the right to vote.

If such a member is in arrears for a period of 60 days they will lose their right to vote at any Union meeting.

The union expects its members to farm on a commercial basis in spite of the size of the farms.

Corporate Membership

Corporate membership shall be issued to organisation or company or other body which:

  • is actively associated with the agricultural industry as farmer, producer, supplier, distributor, buyer, transporters, or processor of any form of input, equipment, machinery, or other goods and services that are required for agricultural purposes or any agricultural produce, or
  • is an active supporter of the Union and its objectives, or is an organisation some of whose objectives are similar to those of the union and would like to affiliate to the union for the purpose of enhancing its own objectives and those of the Union in strategic and mutual relationships, and
  • is prepared to pay subscription fees fixed by the National Council from time to time.

Corporate membership shall be considered the same as that of ordinary members who are entitled to the full benefits of membership, will attend members’ meetings and are entitled to speak and to only one vote. The level of membership fees, however, shall be different from those of ordinary members.

Honorary Membership

Honorary membership shall be conferred to all such members whose activities in the views of the Union further the aims and objectives of the Union. Honorary members can attend meetings, but have no right to vote.

Associate Membership

Associate membership shall be issued to persons, corporate bodies and firms who support the objectives of the Union and make regular contributions towards the well-being of the Union through strategic partnerships. Associate members will be formally represented at meetings but will have no right to vote.

The Board

National Executive

The National Executive is the Management Board of the Union. It’s made up of

  • President,
  • Two Vice Presidents (Administration and Commodities)
  • Secretary General,
  • Treasurer,
  • And Chairpersons of the Standing Committees (i.e. Finance and Development Committee, Labour and Disciplinary Committee, Audit Committee and Health Safety and Social Welfare Committee, Mechanization and Irrigation, Tariffs and Utilities) all not exceeding 9). The immediate past President and the Director shall be ex officio. members.


  • To lobby for and negotiate conducive and favourable agricultural polices to benefit the members and the farmers in general.
  • Promote farm mechanization and irrigation development through strategic partnerships with service providers and financiers;
  • Encourage and promote pooling of resources by members for production and capital development on their farms;
  • Assist members with budget, cash flows, marketing plans and pointers and general information dissemination pertinent to their operations;
  • Organize crop production, marketing and trade trainings, link members with markets and create database for trade partners for the benefit of its members.
  • To lobby for subsidized farming inputs programmes for its members.
  • To lobby for cash and trade discounts from strategic partners for the benefit of union members
  • Establish internet-based networks with market providers and lobby for and facilitate contract farming and financial package support for the farmers with strategic partners.
  • Arrange, lobby and advocacy trainings, analyse legislations, organize lobby workshops and develop a shared lobby platform with other Farmers Unions and stake holders
  • Develop mainstreaming policies, organize linkages with partner organizations and carry out awareness campaigns on environment, gender HIV and AIDS.


Below is a descriptive of how you will gain mileage;

  • Access to a large pool of farmers through our database
  • Access to the ZCFU website, Face book page for interactions with our partners and membership via adverts and articles;
  • Opportunity to Exhibit, Showcase products and present speeches during our eight (8) Provincial Forums, Annual National Congress, and the FoFU Annual General Meeting.
  • Access to land /space for demonstrations on our members’ farms across the country;
  • Opportunity to provide appropriate transport to our farmers for their day to day requirements and Inputs and marketing of produce
  • Offering logistical and transport solutions for the farmers, training them for a fee and servicing their vehicles/machinery;
  • Participate as the service provider of choice by the Union in schemes funded by the

European Union and other Donor organizations e.g., the Zimbabwe Agricultural Growth Programme (ZAGP) funded by the EU 40mil Euro to run for 54 months beginning mid-2018. This will lead to development and growth of Livestock Value Chains (Beef, Dairy Poultry) and support to Horticulture. Therein lies a big opportunity for you.

  • We also envisage a rebound in commercial Cotton production and Soyabean production via the Command Agriculture Initiative which will require farmers to own/lease trucks, bakkies as government can’t cope with the increased demand
  • The same is also anticipated in the Horticulture, Timber plantations, coffee and tea plus fruits and flowers (apart from state funding these areas have already attracted external investors and donors)