About Us

 About Us


The Zimbabwe Commercial Farmers Union is a registered farmers' Union. It was started on the initiative of large scale indigenous commercial farmers who entered the business of commercial farming after independence.
The Union operated as an association from 1990 until it was registered as the Indigenous Commercial Farmer Union in 1996. The union has since changed its name to Zimbabwe Commercial Farmers Union (Z.C.F.U), and its mandate is now to serve commercial farmers irrespective of the size of the farm.

District  Consisting of local associations committees.

This level coordinates the activities of the various local associations and commodity association in the district.

Province  Consists of district committees which come together to form a committee at this level to run the affairs of the province.

Commodity Associations
These are specialist groups whose aim is to fight for the benefits of their particular groups of producers. Commodity associations are important in that they lobby for producer prices, search for cheap inputs and equipment, and advise government on behalf of its members, provide technical advice and organize issues affecting their members.

The Union has the following commodity associations:
Zimbabwe Association of Tobacco Growers (ZATG), Grain/Cereals Producers Association, Horticulture Producers Association, Livestock Producers Association, and Cotton Growers Association.
Each commodity association is linked to the union through two representative positions reserved at each level of the union structure.

National Council – Composed of President, Vice President(s), all National Executive members, all Chairpersons of Provinces, all Chairpersons of National Commodity Associations, and all Chairpersons of standing committees.

National Executive
– Members of the National Council elect from among their numbers the Union President, Vice President (s), Secretary General, Treasure and standing committee Chairpersons. This executive committee is responsible for translating resolutions adopted by other organs of the Union (Such as National Council and National Congress) into action.